MAKING IT AS A MAKEUP ARTIST |and other life things

I think the reason I don’t blog as consistently as I would like to is because I’m always worried about making it look “professional” and “cohesive” and honestly that just doesn’t work for me. I’m just gonna talk about life and see what happens here.

I’ve been working at MAC for just about two and a half years now. It has its ups and downs, but lately it’s been almost entirely downs. We get very little support from our regional trainer and district manager, who are very regularly at the MAC store 100 feet from us, but they never stop at our counter. I see them doing all kinds of artistry workshops and giving them little awards constantly, and we barely get a hello. It sucks, and my team tries hard to keep up our artistry levels on our own, but working at a counter in a department store means we have a lot more focus on pre-sell and appointment goals and spending free time calling customers to try to get them to buy something over the phone. We don’t even have a counter manager to handle things, just an amazing assistant manager trying her hardest to do both jobs.


Anyway, the point is I just really want to get out of there and focus more on my freelance makeup work. Customers can be so rude and act like I’m not a human. They can expect the most amazing, beat, glamorous, Kim Kardashian-esque makeup and then not even buy anything or pay for the service. They just leave and expect me to do it for free every weekend. Of course, I’m getting paid an hourly wage and a small commission, but I can make the same amount of money in one day freelancing that I make in one full week working at MAC.

I’m focusing more on building up my website and portfolio, and I just ordered my very first business cards. I got a pretty nice camera recently so I’m putting together my own little photoshoots. I’m debating applying to an internship at a beauty magazine. I’m pretty sure it’s unpaid but I think it would be a good experience, a chance to network a little bit, and look decent on a resume. I would be helping set up photoshoots and help edit articles and things like that.

So I don’t know, I just really want to advance my career and working at MAC feels like a dead end, which is funny because so many people look at it as a dream job. It’s like my options are so limited there. I can work my way up the management side, which I want nothing to do with, because the managers barely have any time to focus on the artistry. Or I can try to get in good with our regional trainer and follow in her footsteps, because she gets the most fun, creative job in the company, in my opinion. But she only likes people who are little carbon copies of herself and I just don’t want to be like that. She’s been helping a few people in my area, all who work at MAC stores, of course, to get into the training course, and every one of them does their makeup exactly like her and dresses and talks like her.

I really want to start a youtube channel but I just don’t feel like I have much to offer when there’s already so much out there. Sometimes this career path is really difficult and it can be hard to figure out what the next best move is. I just need to crack down and start dedicating all of my free time to it.

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