My boyfriend and I haven’t been together terribly long but I think when you know, you know. I never wanted to get married until I met him. The plan is to get engaged around Christmastime this year, so he wanted us to go look at rings and find out what size I would be and which rings we like on me instead of just in pictures online.

Before we went in I had decided I wanted a simple, classic solitaire style ring with a silver band.


I loved it. I think it looks good with my tattoos and it’s beautiful but not over the top. We had all but decided this was the one, until my eyes wandered and I found something that wasn’t super me, but it was so sparkly I had to try it.


He loved this one and I think it’s much more what he was picturing when he thinks of engagement rings (plus it was less than half the price of the one I liked).

The first one will probably end up being the winner. I just think it looks better on me and it’s more my style. I’m just very excited about this and don’t want to tell too many people in real life until it’s official.

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