Merry (day after) Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I always love watching videos and reading blogs about what gifts other people got. I always spend the whole day with my family and the night before with my siblings.

My siblings, boyfriend, and I do our gift exchange on Christmas Eve at my house.


My brother gave me five books. We always have a book tradition, but usually we do one book and a few other things. This year he gave me Horns by Joe Hill and a boxed set of four Neil Gaiman books – American Gods, Stardust, Neverwhere, and Anansi Boys.

My boyfriend got me tickets to see my favorite band in Pittsburgh since they aren’t coming to Ohio this time. He also got me

  • a pair of sweatpants that he already owns, in his size, because I always steal his and I get mad when they’re dirty because he wore them fishing.
  • a $50 gift card to spafinder.com. I’m starting my 2018 by taking 7 days off of work and I’ve been saying I wanted to get a massage on my staycation, so now I can choose a spa and use this gift card toward some serious relaxation.
  • a handheld vacuum cleaner! I asked for one so I could use it to clean my car and there are some spots in my house that even the extension on the vacuum can’t reach. So I was very excited about this.
  • a bag of reese trees! I have an unhealthy obsession with reese cups and I’m getting back on a strict diet when the new year hits, so I better enjoy them while I can (the whole bag is already gone).

Christmas morning we all go to my parents’ house for breakfast and we open the presents our parents got us. My mom is obsessed with Christmas, so there is no shortage of gifts even though we’re all adults. It takes about two hours for everyone to open everything.

My parents got me a lot of things – most of which were off a list that I gave them but some were good improvisations. I got

  • a printer! I have always been so annoyed any time I have to print something because I didn’t have a printer. I have to go to my parents house to use theirs which is about 20 minutes away. I’m stoked on this one.
  • a clothing steamer. I have never owned an iron and honestly don’t deal with wrinkled clothes terribly often, but when they are wrinkled I’m pretty unhappy about it, so I’m glad I have a quick way to fix that now.
  • another handheld vacuum! Can you tell I asked everyone for this? I want to keep both, since the one my boyfriend got me is meant to be used on cars and the one from my parents is meant for the house. My boyfriend insists that I return his but I think I’m going to keep both.
  • a lumee case. I do have to exchange this because the one my mom bought won’t fit my phone (I have the iPhone 7 plus) which is no big deal at all. I’ve had two lumee cases before and I love them.
  • the Sephora Pro Editorial eyeshadow palette. It’s a big palette filled with the brightest, most pigmented colors ever. I really don’t use bright colors often but I will absolutely love this thing when I get the urge.
  • Marc Fisher ankle booties! I chose these specific ones myself. My mom usually lets me pick something out from my work (Nordstrom) and she gives me the money to buy it for myself. I had these shipped to her house though so she was still able to wrap them up and give them to me. I’m into pointed toes lately, they make me look taller and thinner.

  • a NutriBullet, kind of. Technically my boyfriend got this. But we live together. So…really we got a NutriBullet.
  • I also got some clothes, gift cards, and cash, but those aren’t as exciting.
  • and finally, these matching shirts which my mom was so excited about and I will hopefully never wear again.

Do you guys do gift exchanges in your families too? What all did you get? My boyfriend’s family doesn’t do presents and he thought it was crazy how much stuff we got!

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