What made me realize I wanted to own less things and be a tiny bit of a minimalist was clothing. I had too many options, over half of which I wasn’t excited to wear. And then I realized I feel the exact same about my makeup. I’ve spent years living the no-makeup-is-too-much-makeup life, but I’ve finally hit a point where there actually is such a thing as too much.

The makeup area in my room is overflowing. Any time someone new comes into my room and sees it, they stare in awe and say things like “I’ve never seen so much makeup in my life,” or “Oh my god where did you get all those brushes?”


If you’re not already a part of the Reddit community, you really should be. Reddit is a massive forum website, and there’s a subreddit for pretty much everything. I’ve been on r/makeupaddiction for years, and I couldn’t believe it when I found r/makeupexchange. Mostly, I couldn’t believe that it took me so long to discover it! It’s a community where redditors can sell or swap their unloved makeup.

I’ve posted on r/makeupexchange three times now, and each time I’ve made between $120-$180. I have a few quick tips that I think have contributed to my success selling on Reddit.

  • Take the extra time to make product photos look decent. Obviously, you don’t want to hide any flaws the makeup might have (scratches on the packaging, a shadow that’s hit pan) but don’t take a picture with bad lighting and poor composition hoping someone will just be wanting the thing you don’t use.


looks a lot better than this:

I take my photos during the daytime on an interesting but neutral background in front of a big window so I can use natural sunlight instead of the camera flash. It shows the products much more true to color.

  • Be honest about any flaws. I’ve sold products that were less than perfect condition, but because I was honest about it and priced accordingly, people will still be willing to buy it. I had a Too Faced Semi Sweet eyeshadow palette that I never used, but I had accidentally dug my finger into one of the shadows at one point, so I made sure you could see that in the photo I posted. 
  • Be thankful and prompt. Don’t make someone wait a week after they paid before you ship their items out, unless you’ve agreed on that before receiving their payment. I always include thank you cards and write a quick little message inside. It’s currently down for some reason, but they do a thing called Flair where you can write feedback about sellers and buyers, so others can see what kind of reputation as a seller or buyer you have. Many of my flair comments have said something about appreciating the thank you card.
  • Wrap carefully. I send most things in bubble mailers, but I make sure to wrap them in extra bubble wrap, just in case. I don’t want to take my chances with someone receiving an item smashed.

There are a few rules to posting on r/makeupexchange, like only posting once every 7 days, each photo can only contain a certain amount of products, and you have to have your username in the photos. They have a whole thread on the rules, though, so it’s easy not to break them. This subreddit is great if you’re in a pinch for cash, or just want to declutter your collection.

Would you try buying or selling on r/makeupexchange?

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