In a quest to not only discover my personal style, but actually execute it in real life, I stumbled upon a service called Trunk Club. It’s a clothing subscription service (kind of) that sends you a decent amount of good quality clothing after you speak with a stylist about your preferences.

For background and reasons why I decided to try Trunk Club: I’m 24 years old. I am a makeup artist – I’ve worked for one of the most popular makeup brands in the world for over two years now, and I am now moving into the world of makeup for television. With famous people…who all look good. And then there’s me.

I’m 5’2 and have lost over 60 pounds and counting. Right now I’m in between a size 14 and 12. Since I was so overweight for so long, all I ever wore was thick leggings and long cardigans, because that was about all I could comfortably fit into. Now I’m pretty average and straight-size clothing typically fits, but I keep finding myself in the rut of wearing cardigans and leggings or jeans and a t shirt, because I just don’t know what else to do. I feel like I dress like a teenager.

So I debated between Stitch Fix and Trunk Club for a while, and decided on Trunk Club. I won’t really go into detail on why I decided against Stitch Fix since that isn’t what this post is about. I liked Trunk Club for multiple reasons.

First, I liked that it was a Nordstrom owned company. This is half biased. The makeup counter I work for is inside of a Nordstrom. But I absolutely love clothes shopping there, even if I never find anything I want or can afford.

Second, it was free for me unless I decided to keep anything. If you have a Nordstrom card, which I have had since I started working there two years ago, the $25 styling fee is waived. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, as far as I know, that $25 will go toward anything you want to keep, but if you don’t keep anything, you lose the $25.

Third, I liked that you actually talk to a stylist. A real human. Who hand picks everything they send you. So instead of filling out a generic style survey like “which outfit do you like better this one or this one” I got to actually chat with someone and tell them exactly what I’m looking for, exactly what I like and don’t like, exactly how things usually fit me, and I sent her my pinterest board for inspiration.

Fourth, the clothing that Trunk Club sends is not clothing exclusively for Trunk Club. SF had many brands I had never heard of that made things like “[Generic Brand] For Stitch Fix”. TC sends clothes that you could walk into Nordstrom today and find on the racks.

Fifth and finally, you get to see a preview of the contents of your trunk before it is sent out. You actually know what you are going to receive, and can say never mind if you somehow hate it all, or you can edit the trunk and say “I don’t want these particular items”. I had removed three things from my preview for various reasons (i.e. strapless top but GG bra size means I cannot go braless or strapless), and they were replaced with different items.

This leather jacket by Madewell shocked me. I didn’t expect it to fit at all, let alone be so comfortable. I loved it and wanted to keep it so badly, but since I’m still working on losing a significant amount of weight, I didn’t want to spend $498 on something that hopefully won’t fit me next year. The pants, however, are perfect. I kept them. I had been wanting to try Good American for a long time and I was not disappointed. They feel like leggings but they’re denim, and have the perfect amount of stretch. They’re the tiniest bit snug right now, so I figured they’ll still fit me for a little while as I lose weight.

I only wear black, so a black and white dress is totally out of my comfort zone but my stylist really loved it for me. I do think it’s a cute dress; pictures don’t do it justice. I just didn’t see it fitting anywhere into my life. Maybe if I was a full time blogger who did brunch every week or a fashion editor who could wear anything other than black to work, I would have kept it, but I knew it’s something that would sit at the back of my closet and I would stare at it thinking, you’re so pretty but where can I wear you?

I almost kept this shirt…until I remembered I bought something similar from Forever 21 a few months ago and wore it twice until I decided to sell it on Poshmark. I also want to start straying away from interesting t-shirts and start wearing more actual tops. I think t-shirts are the main part of my wardrobe that make me feel like a teenager.

Again, almost kept this shirt. It’s hard to see the detail in the picture of me wearing it, but the twist was cute from the front. From the side, though, it made me look pregnant. The last thing you want when you’ve lost a lot of weight is a shirt that makes it look like you haven’t.

This bomber jacket. Oh, this bomber jacket. I want it so badly. It was $298 and I absolutely would have kept it if it weren’t for the same circumstances as the leather jacket. I want to lose more weight and I’m not going to invest that much in a piece that I want to be more on the fitted side if it won’t fit next year. This was a large. I’m going to purchase it in a medium around Octoberish though, as a treat to myself for being able to fit into a medium by then.

The jumpsuit was another out-of-my-comfort zone piece. I think this is a skinny people clothing option. It just didn’t look right on me. Plus, that’s a lot of boob showing.

I kept this top. I’ve washed and ironed it so it isn’t as wrinkled as it was when I pulled it out of the box. I think it’s really cute and makes me feel a tiny bit more ~adult~ than the t-shirt options in this trunk.


So that was my first Trunk! I’m doing a follow up trunk about a week from now, and I can’t wait to see what else my stylist finds for me.

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