Hello new blog. I’m excited. I was an avid blog-keeper from about 2007-2014. Not the super-fancy-make-six-figures-from-this-blog kind of blog, but personal blogs. I dropped off a few years ago and have felt a void since then. So I’m back, hoping this will give me a good space to collect my thoughts as I transition into a new place in life. A more stable, minimalistic place.

I’ve recently moved into a really nice place with my boyfriend and I’m trying to get my life together in multiple aspects. It feels like I’m taking on a lot of things at once and I thought it would be cool to have one solid place to document my progress and thoughts so I can look back on it later. 2017 me definitely goes back to read 2007 me’s blogs and it’s embarrassing but awesome at the same time.

So, this is the starting point.

  1. One of my 2017 goals was to get full time at my job. I got it a few months ago, so now I’m onto the next thing. Two of my coworkers and I branded ourselves into a business, and we’re in the middle of drawing up an operating agreement. We have a television producer who is interested in owning 10% which means we’ll work on tv shows, network, and hopefully get huge in our industry (makeup). So in the meantime, I’m just trying to improve and learn more about makeup and techniques every day.
  2. I’m teaching myself how to code and build websites. I want to do this because I really don’t enjoy my current job much, but I’m absolutely not leaving until I have another source of income. Coding would allow me to work from home but potentially get a well-paying job further down the line if I decided to leave makeup, and it’s something I could do in between makeup jobs. Plus, I think coding is fun. I can get lost in it for hours.
  3. I’m learning to dress myself. Once upon a time I weighed 220 pounds (I’m 5’2 for reference). Nothing fit me, everything was uncomfortable, I didn’t feel like I looked good no matter what I wore, so I didn’t try. I’ve lost 60 pounds and counting, and I finally feel like I can dress the way I want to. I’ve done a major closet clean out and I’m slowly trying to invest in good pieces that will last a long time and make me feel great about myself.
  4. Losing more weight. I know, everyone and their mother is trying to “get healthier.” If we’re being perfectly honest, I’m not really trying hard on that. I’m just trying to lose weight and look and feel better. I still had pizza for breakfast and dinner today. Just not 3 slices at a time like I would’ve had 3 years ago.
  5. I’m getting better at handling my finances. I actually sat down the other day and wrote out a budget, and opened my very first savings account (at 24 years old, I’m a little late to the party but I’m here now).

So, these are probably things my blog will focus on a lot. Curating a more minimal wardrobe, makeup technique, coding, finances, and weight loss progress. Maybe this blog will transition into something more focused but for right now, this is my life, a jumbled mess of everything, and this is where you can read all about it.

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